teoria schimbarii lumii, partea I din un zilion

Septembrie 29, 2007 la 8:37 am | Publicat în filo-stuff | 4 comentarii

Marx vs Quesada, eseu scurt de la filosofie:

“The weapon of criticism cannot, of course, replace criticism of the weapon, material force must be overthrown by material force; but theory also becomes a material force as soon as it has gripped the masses.” (Marx, “Critique on Hegel’s Philosophy of Right”)
When I read this phrase from Marx’s Critique, I thought it was kind of ironic, considering how his “Communist Manifesto” influenced the whole world. In fact, this phrase reveals the essence of Marx’s philosophy: “a theory becomes material force as soon as it has gripped the masses”, and is, to some extent, the ‘dream belief’ of politicians around the world since politics itself existed. Further, Marx goes on to say “Theory is capable of gripping the masses as soon as it demonstrates ad hominem, and it demonstrates ad hominem as soon as it becomes radical.” The moment of the revolution, of the success of this new theory that would “grip the masses”, and cause the failure of the previous one, is also called, philosophically speaking, a vertigo. Francisco Miro Quesada, a Latin American philosopher, wrote about this: “Every radical change in the theory of man leads inevitably to change in our way of seeing the world, and this produces insecurity and distress. For, to change a theory concerning the world forces us to recognize that what we believed is not so certain, that the earth we walk on has suddenly become moving sand in which we may sink.” This is similar to the revolution that Marx believes will take place: a theory fails, and keeps on failing, the “proletariat” has enough of it and, when confronted with the new theory, launches a revolutionary movement to overthrow the “bourgeoisie”.
What is Quesada’s definition of the purpose of theory? “Theory is born as a function of man and for man to find a perspective within the endless labyrinth of events as he orders his world.” A key word in this phrase is “orders”. Just as Marx (and Hegel) argued, the human being wants a society, form of government, that can provide order to his world. And, for that to happen, a theory needs to arise. And then, to become “material force.”

Niste ganduri adunate… am descoperit cu atata filosofie ca nu toate gandurile reprezinta omul; sau, cel putin, nu toate credintele lui. Deci ma bucura si argumente si contra-argumente. Si trairi, povesti, random thoughts… So, what do u say?:]


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  1. Subtila analiza ta comparativa 😛
    Ce sa zic? Ca in manevrarea societatilor oamenii sunt pusi dinadins
    ( uneori ajuta si conjuncturile ) in situatii ciudate, derutante, noi-prea noi astfel incat sa-si piarda orientarea in lumea asta si pentru ca apoi sa apara,desigur, omul care detine “solutiile“ si care traseaza reperele – liderul..?
    Ca ma intreb uneori de ce liderul, cel care creaza situatiile, nu- si pune in miscare imaginatia in scopuri mai productive pentru umanitate ?
    Ah, dar nu-I nimic.. acum se poarta conceptul de lider inteligent emotional 😉

    🙂 de fapt vroiam sa te intreb ce inseamna zilion 😀

  2. hmm, psihologia liderului e ceva mai mult dincolo de filosofie…
    poate ca imaginatia liderului e atat de practica incat numai ivirea ei atrage implinire, si atunci, firesc, primele instincte sunt cele pragmatice/practice care l-au adus in acea functie in primul rand…

    Lider inteligent emotional :-?, e la moda?! ce-i ala?:D

    Aici vorbeam doar despre surparea unei teorii…

    zilion, cred ca-i din engleza, si ar fi un numar nedefinit de mare (google search – define:zillion)

  3. http://www.librarie.net/carti/38703/Inteligenta-emotionala-in-Leadership-Daniel-Goleman-Richard-Boyatzis … si-i american 😀

    stiu ca-i despre surparea unei teorii dar apoi am citit „trairi, povesti, random thoughts” ….

  4. interesant, hmmm

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